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21st Century Solutions Technologies Technologies develops high quality customized Web Applications over a very broad ambit of platforms and across technologies; an assurance of sure-shot and productive implementation of the application which thrives over your business strategies and heightens your functional productivity.


The most open-handed and handsome advantage of any web based application is the graphical user interface (GUI) which simplifies the handling and management of the entire application allowing all of it to be done from one single interface. Adding to it is the ability to cut through platforms and the savings on expenditure one can benefit from. With applications developed utilizing every genre of technology ranging from Microsoft Applications to Open Source modules to in-house developed custom techniques; these applications are extremely safe, secure, rich in customization, simple yet tech savvy and very robust in nature. We specialize in turning up and presenting an application which is the most befitting of your business and functional field.


The spectrum of web application solutions we encompass is an all inclusive list which includes different varieties and industry diversifications like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, online stores, auction bays, discussion forums, support forums, web applications of cell phone functions, server monitoring systems and so on.


A meticulously devised multi-prong methodology enhances our efforts further.

  • Create and conceive the flow of development on an individual case basis
  • Plan the entire course of the process using standard or custom conventions as per the demands of the application
  • Have milestones for every module, part, phase of the development cycle
  • Have a stringent tracking of the entire development process and ensure zero deviation from the set standards and time frame
  • Control and ascertain the timely completion of the entire development process
  • Conduct exhaustive testing and cross checking the application developed
  • Put in place a proper process for post-development support

All this is done by highly experienced web application developers who work with the sole objective of amalgamating their efforts towards your business objective to develop the most appropriate web based application for you.


Complementing our web application development abilities, we have an entire gamut of services which work in tandem with it. These services include web development, web designing, graphic designing, script writing for automation of specific modules and execution of scheduled tasks and integration of the application as per your requirements. This is an effort to be a vendor of all web related services to keep your efforts down to a bare minimum. There is nothing better than having to deal with just one contact point that understand your needs fully and devise a tailor made solution for you. Having to deal with different teams working on designing, application development, automation, integration and testing can be extremely painful and cause unwanted anguish. It’s a far better situation to be in where you have just one company to deal with.


Our spectrum of associated and related services include

  • Web Application Integration
  • Web Application Migration
  • Open Source Web Applications
  • ASP and .NET Web Applications
  • Microsoft Products Based Web Applications
  • Database Based Web Applications
  • Web 2.0 Applications
  • Ajax Web Applications
  • Web Application Design
  • Technology Advice

Web 2.0 is something we have embraced whole heartedly with a warm welcome. Our dynamic team of dedicated web application developers has already come up with algorithms and flow charts which help to devise a proper strategy and develop high quality, technologically rich and highly interactive web 2.0 applications. We have a very keen eye and observance towards the latest and newest technologies, tools and patterns prevalent in the market.


No sooner is a new entrant spotted; our web application development team starts its prognosis, usability and relevance. This keeps us on top of all the new emerging features enabling us to blend them together with the traditional architecture; it is a guarantee of our applications never being disused or obsolete by time.


Our development systems, work architecture, systematic break-down of the complexity and understanding of the very nature of this business makes us the most preferred choice when it comes to web application development and related services.