Scripts Writing

Having been in the website development and web design industry for a long period of time, we have a bank of ready made classes and scripts - these are ready to use modules which are virtually plug and play. These scripts have been written by our own team of experienced web developers, website programmers and dedicated website developers. These are ready to be bought which then have to be integrated with your customized modules and applications.


Our Bank of Scripts include PHP Scripts, Java scripts, JSP scripts and ASP.NET scripts.

PHP Scripts
  • Form Mails
  • Contact Forms
  • Feedback Page
  • Voting and Opinion Polls
  • Support Page
  • Guest Book
  • Calendars (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Event Calendars
  • Hit Counter
  • Website Click Counter
  • Image chooser / rotator
  • User online Scripts
  • Captcha Image Creator
  • Mail Management script
  • Visitor Traffic Tracking
  • New Ticker
  • Download Ad Manager
Java Scripts
  • Scrolling Title Script
  • Blinking Title Script
  • Background Colour Changing
  • HTML Table Colour Changing
  • Slide Show JavaScript
  • Visitor Browser Info Script
  • Visitor OS Info Script
  • Visitor Visit Duration Script
  • Right Click Disabling Script
  • Validating Password Script
  • Bookmarking Script
  • Stopwatch Script
  • Form Validation Scripts
  • Alpha Numeric Validation Script
  • Character Count Scripts
  • Mouse Effect Scripts
  • Animated Effect Scripts
  • Calculator Scripts
  • Status Bar Scripts
  • Country List Scripts
  • Form Auto completion Script
  • Removing Duplicate Values Scripts
  • Date Scripts
  • Time Scripts
  • Pagination Scripts
JSP Scripts
  • Random Captcha Image Creator JSP Script
  • Browser Statistics JSP Script
  • Rating Scripts in JSP
  • Download News Ticker JSP Scripts
  • JSP Form Mail Script
  • JSP Visitor Info Tracking Script
  • JSP Guest Book Script

.NET Scripts – (Only Paid Scripts)
Given the complexity and endless customization scopes, a ready to use bank of scripts is not available right now. All ASP scripts and .NET scripts will be provided within 1 or 2 business days as per requirements.


We also write shell scripts and any other customized script to suit your custom applications or softwares.  You can also ask for scripts which are not listed above. We would be glad to write them for you as per your requirements and needs. All the above listed scripts are pre-made and ready to use. For any customizations or changes, please send an email to Charges would be applicable as per individual requirements and necessities.