Live chat

Whenever a potential customer visits the website of a hosting provider, the first thing they look for is does the hosting company offer live chat service. It’s not hard to figure out why it’s so important for a professional webhosting provider to have live chat support as part of customer service and support.  The web hosting industry is such that customers prefer to have a mode of direct contact with the company personnel. Availability of live chat personnel helps customers decide on the hosting solution of their choice right away. What’s more, they also get a reassurance that in times of problems, they have a live human to chat with rather than just exchange emails.

The advantages which come with offering live chat support to your customers are many-fold.

  • You get a complete report of visitor activity on your webhosting portal. These include pages visited, keywords used to locate you, choice of hosting solution etc.
  • Increases sales leads and number of potential customers.
  • Establish yourself as a true 24x7 support and customer service provider.
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels
  • Greater customer retention ability
  • Establish yourself as a trusted and reliable hosting company

Moreover, live chat service rendered using a live chat software is a very cost effective mode of selling and marketing your hosting services. It also establishes you as a company which provides superior customer support service. Rendering live technical support through chat services will help reduce turn-around times on helpdesk tickets and email support allowing your level III technicians and system administrators to concentrate on their core tasks of server administration and service monitoring.


21st Century Solutions Technologies Technologies has a crack group of support engineers who work as dedicated live chat techs having hands-on experience and know-how of working with every live chat software which exists in the market today. They are also fully trained in chat etiquettes and conversational skills allowing them to establish friendly and cordial talks with your customer thereby raising their faith and confidence in the support team. n you achieve the golden mean of these, your hosting company would stand out and be counted as one among the top and best hosting providers.


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