eCommerce Solutions

When simplified, eCommerce means buying and selling of goods and services online over the Internet. 21st Century Solutions Technologies Technologies helps you to build ecommerce websites which converts visitors on your websites into your customers. This is achieved by incorporating a healthy mix of communications, data management and security to offer clients Ecommerce solutions to businesses worldwide. We specialize in eCommerce development Services, database driven shopping carts, search engine submission, eCommerce web site development and design. We offer custom web site development at reasonable rates for individuals and smaller businesses. We can offer several eCommerce development solutions that are available to you from a small ecommerce online store to a large eCommerce development solution

More and more customers opt for online stores as it is more convenient than visiting actual stores. Nonetheless, the challenge in conducting an online business is to ensure that clients have confidence in your website. To be a successful online store, it is very essential to gain the trust of your online clientele and position yourself as a reliable vendor. Your online business has to be based on a strong framework and be able to create that belief amongst users. This only comes by demonstrating that your e-commerce website is secure and safe to transact with. Customers have to feel secure while carrying out money transactions through your website.


21st Century Solutions Technologies follows a three step process while creating and developing your custom e-commerce website.

  • Online Shopping
  • Shopping Cart
  • Integration of Payment Gateway

Online Shopping Features

All e-commerce solutions which we provide are designed to give you a one-stop single source answer for every need which may arise. The e-commerce website development cycle which we adhere to is a unique creation of our know-how where we integrate all your requirements to come up with one single complete package for you.


As our customer, we facilitate the launch of your online venture complete with a product menu, shopping cart, form mail for enquiries, auto responders, email follow-up systems and a secure payment area - all within the time-period and deadline you wanted to achieve. We ensure that your business goes online fully loaded with all the features and accessories to make it a successful commercial exercise. You would have a shop which is open 24 hours a day, all 7 days a week catering to your customers, selling your products, up-selling to existing customers - all through an automated process.

Easy To Use Shopping Cart

Having a shopping cart which is easy to use, but having all the advance features you require is an important aspect of your e-commerce site. It’s also a slightly tricky and intricate exercise since the cart has to be light on resources so that the online portal does not slow down, easy to navigate for users and also having multiple choices.


For the administrators and portal manager, the shopping cart has to be giving even more options and features. These include

  • Computing shipping costs in real-time.
  • Computing of Tax based on regions, states, zip codes or any other parameters.
  • Tracking of customer history through sessions, cookies and reporting
  • Efficient auto responding system for sales confirmation mails.

From the user's point of view, it should be

  • Easy To Use.
  • Presented with a pleasing interface.
  • Simple in Navigation
  • Easy to checkout for payment.

Payment Gateway Integration

We complete the usability of your online portal by integrating the shopping cart used on it with a payment gateway of your choice as per your needs. Be it a credit card account with 2CO, Authorise.Net, Google Checkout or integrating a paypal merchant account, we have done it all and over a thousand times. Although it is the last process in an ecommerce development program, it’s also the most crucial part of it. This is where expertise and understanding of how payment gateways work and knowledge of their integration comes into play.


It is highly recommended that you secure the payment area of the ecommerce portal using atleast a 128 bit SSL certificate.


A professional ecommerce developer and an ecommerce consulting company will always combine the related services of ecommerce webdesign, shopping cart development and /or integrating an existing shopping cart with your website, ecommerce integration, re-engineering, search engine optimization and online marketing.


21st Century Solutions Technologies has successfully developed and delivered fully scaleable Business To Customers i.e. B2C and Business To Business i.e. B2B modules and projects. We have helped and facilitated the launch of some of the biggest and complex online auctions, e-Retail processes, e-Markets and e-Procurement portals. Our fully professional e-commerce development team consisting of highly skilled e-commerce specialists, secure portal developers, e-commerce web designers and programmers ensure that your website gives you high value for money and an even profitable Return on Investment.