Datacenter Support

During the course of the daily support activities, at some point of time or the other, the technical team has to communicate with the network operations center (NOC) where your servers are located. At times when there are severe issues like server restores, D-DOS attempts, network abuse and so on, the rapport and communications conducted with the datacenter assumes critical importance.  It becomes absolutely necessary for the technical team to comprehend what the datacenter tech is conveying and then implement the directions accordingly.


Our technical expertise combined with hands-on practical experience helps us to carry out this critical component of the support activity with immense ease.  Be it through emails, chats or over the phone, our technicians establish a very easy sense of understanding with the NOC team to resolve difficult and complicated issues which creep up occasionally. You would have complete peace of mind owing to the immaculate way in which our team handles these things for you.


Being in-charge of your technical support, we also understand the requirements of your servers and the technologies required. Our technicians and the team leader assigned to your team will communicate with the data center for ordering servers, setting them up and any other matter which may so exist. All you have to do is hand over the account controls to them and concentrate on sales and marketing with all your energies.

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