ASP & .NET Development

For all Microsoft and Windows Platform developers, the .NET framework is a significant jump from the existing application developments on which they were working. This jump ahead embraces lot of the self developed codes, conceptions, designs and the concept of object-oriented programming and designs. It has led to the .NET framework being welcomed whole-heartedly by all the former ASP developers and the new age Microsoft platform programmers, helping it to establish itself as the preferred e-commerce application on the windows platform. We also have hands-on experience of working with the script - based - technology i.e. ASP classic and have compiled the server end codes and programs with multiple DLL's, which gives us unmatched mastery over  ASP.Net Application Development, ASP.NET consulting and developing web based applications, ecommerce/shopping cart development, desktop application development.

Optimus Vision Technologies has come up with an in-house implementation design for carrying out web development as well as application development based on the ASP.NET, VB.NET and C# development tools. These are more often used while working on offshore software development, .NET website development and product development. This comes from the experience of using the Microsoft .NET Framework since its first release in 2002, which makes it one of the core technologies we deploy for web application development. Ranging from rather elementary and simple e-commerce website development, CMS portals to the more intense and intriguing product development, .NET software development and business application development, we have done it all and delivered each of the above within the deadlines of our customers and without exceeding their budgetary allocations.

Adopting the most recent upgrade in the .NET environment which also includes the ASP.NET 3.5 framework, we have put to use some of the most modern and high end technologies including Ajax, Silver-light and the full ASP.NET family.


Our expertise in the ASP.NET environment gives us the ability to fulfill every possible need you may have.

  • Microsoft .NET 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5 Framework
  • .Net Software Product Development
  • .Net Web Services
  • Implementing .Net framework & SOAP toolkit
  • ASP.Net Consulting
  • Application Development in .NET
  • Systems Development in .NET
  • .Net Desktop & Web Application Development
  • MS SQL Server 2000/2005
  • XML & WSDL
  • Web services, Web forms, Web server controls, XML, XSL & RSS
  • Across-the-board command over ASP.NET, VB.NET and C#
  • Component Exposure including DNA, COM, COM+, ActiveX
  • IIS Webserver and Application Center
  • Web-based and stand-alone applications migration to .NET
  • Re-engineering and Support of existing applications in .NET


Our ensemble of top notch professional ASP.NET programmers and ASP.NET web developers have had extensive exposure in fulfilling niche industry-specific requirements which include telecom, finance, media and real estate. Each project is handled by a team of dedicated .NET developers to help our customers with their products and software.

Depending on your requirements, you can hire our dedicated ASP.NET developers as per your convenience. We offer highly flexible engagement models which help you achieve the optimum equilibrium between cost effectiveness and operational skills. These also allow a greater degree of control over the whole engineering and development process.  You are welcome to opt for any pattern of engagement listed below which suits your needs and financial expenditure in the best way.

  • Project Based Pricing (Zero risk, offered in areas of complete expertise where performance is guaranteed on account of our process management skills.)
  • Phase-wise billing or Milestone bound billing (Suited for customers worried about systematic progress. Payments done on the base of modules finished and reduced risks.)
  • Timeframe of Work and Platforms Used. (Best suited for large and high customization work with flexibility to change as per custom needs or market dictated terms.)